Emerging Brand Services

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Your brand has been created and your products have been tested, now it’s time to hit the shelf. MSI has the sales expertise and buyer connections you need to get your emerging challenger brand to retail with unprecedented speed.

Analytics, Trends and Insights*

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  • Identify/quantify category sales opportunity – size of the prize.
  • Topline competitive review.
  • Topline retailer overview.
  • Category, segment or product review for product launch analogs.
  • Set measurement criteria and process to evaluate initial efforts.

*Based on data currently available to MMI-MSI.

Branding review and evaluation of current packaging

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Market Introduction/Launch Plans

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  • Outline brand/product(s) positioning, USP and claims hierarchy.
  • Provide 2 – 3 topline options for brand communication and selling story.
  • Create our “story”. 1-page synopsis of why we exist.

Marketing Plan

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  • Develop initial consumer/retail communication strategy, plan and delivery tactics (digital, social, DTC, events, etc.) focused on awareness, education and driving traffic online.
  • Create marketing launch milestone and tactics calendar.

Sales Plan

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  • Provide and prioritize mainstream and specialty retailer target list.
  • Outline trade promotion plan and tactics (based on target list).
  • Develop contact/coverage plan options with timeline.
  • Develop retailer/big box target list.

Financial Planning

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  • Incorporate all elements of the plans listed above.
    • Sales (specialty, retail, e-commerce), opportunity universe.
    • Consumer/Shopper and trade (specialty, retail) plan cost.
    • 1 – 3 year distribution/revenue build.

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